Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1st letter!

Hola mi familia! Como esta?
                                     Well today has been my 3rd day here and I have to say that the MTC is absolutely incredible! The spirit is constantly apparent and everyone is always so optimistic. It isn't easy, but the work down here is absolutely worth it! All three Elders in my room are awesome. They're all fun and outgoing and easy to get along with. Elder Thiriot (Theory-ut) is my companion and he's awesome, he's a funny guy with a lot of the same likes as me so it works out pretty well. We've already had to teach our first "investigation" in pure spanish! It was tough, and I had to do most of the talking since I'd taken spanish before. We did better than most of the companionships in our district, however. One Elder read a verse from John in spanish and his companion testified that those were the words of Joseph Smith. We weren't that bad. We were able to go over a very simple version of the first vision and were able to commit her on reading the Book of Mormon and praying. We visit with her tomorrow and have to follow up. It's a rigorous schedule and we're always doing something. Gym, studying, eating, studying, sleeping, studying. We're always up to something. My first P-Day isn't until next Thursday so don't panic when I don't email for a while. Good News! There's a website called Dear where you can email me and they'll print out the email that day for me and I can get it. Needless to say I'm having a great time here and hope to send pictures soon.

                                                                      Love you all,
                                                                                   Elder Jensen

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