Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week 2

We finally made it to my 2nd p-day haha.  This week has honestly gone by so much faster than last week though!  Elder Thiriot and I were able to commit our 2nd "Investigator" this week, which is apparently unheard of as everyone else in our district has yet to commit one!  We both feel tremendously blessed and know that the spirit is the one guiding us through those lessons.  As for the investigators, these people are our teachers takiing on the role of an investigator that they dealt with in the field.  They act as an investigator with their own set of concerns and problems and its our job to find out those problems and teach accordingly.  Our 2nd investigator's main concern was finding out how he could find Christ in his own life.  He was catholic and in the first few lessons showed very little interest to what we had to say.  Things seemed bleak going into our last lesson with him but I suddenly felt urged to share the story of Christ raising Lazarus from the dead and emphasizing the part where Christ wept with those grieving over Lazarus's death, all in broken spanish mind you.  The spirit was incredibly strong and I was able to convey that Christ mourns with us when we mourn, he suffers when we suffer, etc.  I bore testimoney and my companion Elder Thiriot followed with his own testimony, after which i extended the baptismal invitation and he excepted.  Our lesson must've had some impact, because later that day our teacher invited us to share to our district what we taught and how we were able to commit our "investigator" to baptism.  The spirit is absolutely amazing here and there is no better teacher than the spirit.  The spanish is coming along amazingly and I'm able to hold a decent conversation in spanish and Elder Thiriot and I often speak to each other in Spanish.  I love and miss you all and love to hear from all of you!

Elder, Jensen

                                                          Our Room

                                                            Our District
                                             Our district with our teacher Sister Eyring
                                                                At the Temple

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