Tuesday, December 10, 2013


                                            IT'S GOING TO BE A GREEN CHRISTMAS

Well I hope Thanksgiving was awesome for all of you.  We didn´t do too much, I think we bought an alfajor to celebrate but that was about it.  But I honestly don´t feel too bad about not doing anything.  Well this week went better than the last!  We finally received the money to pay the deposit on our new apartment and we should be moving in this next week!  We also met with a less active family who wants to baptize their 9 year old girl, so we´re hoping to get working on that!  And we´ve had quite a few people who seem interested and want us to come back, so we´ll see what happens!  As for some of the fun things here.  The humidity is killer!  It was only 9 o clock this morning and I was already starting to perspire during my studies.  And air conditioning is non existent so it´s impossible to escape it.  But oh well!  It may help me from gaining too much weight down here.  This past week we had our first Carne Asado, which is pretty much an Argentine barbaque and it was by far one of the greatest things I have ever had in my life.  It really is going to be tough going back to American beef.  The pizzas down here remind me a lot of the pizzas from Europe too, so that should make you all a little jealous!  Oh and a few days ago I ate chicken heart...  It was actually pretty good believe it or not!  As for a typical day for us, we wake up shower eat breakfast and start our personal studies by 8, afterwhich we plan for half an hour, and then we head out to do a little work in the morning, then we come back and finish the rest of our studies after lunch until about 5 (we do studies in the afternoon here because everybody else decides to take what we call siestas, in other words, a man made excuse to sleep and be lazy, between the hours of 12 and 5) and then head back out and work until 9:30 or 10.  President has us work in the morning and later in the evening so we can avoid the heat.  And as for the work we do probably an hour or so of contacting and then visit less actives and future investigators with lessons mixed in.  It´s crazy!  In total we have over 200 members in this area alone, but only 30 come on a regular basis.  A lot of work to be done to say the least.  Well I´m gonna try and get some pictures sent today!  I love you all and hope things are going well for you!  It sure sounds like they are.  Just got an email from Caleb, and it kind of made my day to hear that Bama´s no longer first.  Was kind of getting sick of them.  Love you all
Elder Jensen

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