Tuesday, December 10, 2013


                                                         LA SEMANA MEJOR

Well, I might have to say that proselyting wise, this was the best week I´ve had in the mission.  Friday was absolutely incredible!  We decided to spend the majority of the day contacting and finding new people, and we ended up teaching 4 lessons from just teaching.  But even better was seeing how the people we found were totally prepared to hear the message of the Gospel.  The first man we found standing in the middle of the city, as if he was just waiting for something.  We went up and talked to him, and at first he wasn´t to interested.  He kept bringing up his Catholic background and the same things we hear from every Argentine.  5 minutes into it and he still wasn´t too interested, but instead of giving up we felt like we should keep teaching.  We found out that he had a Book of Mormon but had never really read it, and had a brother who was a member and he really admired the faith that our members had and wished he could have that kind of faith.  Well, we pulled out a pamphlet of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and taught him about faith, and then later went on to explain the importance of prayer and the Spirit.  Right before we left we asked if we could leave him with a prayer.  You could tell he felt a little awkward about it, but he said it was alright and we left him a prayer in the middle of the street.  At the end of the prayer he had tears in his eyes and promised us to read the pamphlet and that he would read the Book of Mormon and was going to go to our church on sunday!  Sadly he lives in San Nicholas so we won´t be able to keep in contact with him.  But we´re passing him as a referral to the missionaries up there.  
The next person was a teenage boy who had apparently lost his dad about 10 years ago.  We taught him about the Plan of Salvation, and how he could know these things to be true through prayer and the spirit.  Once again we left him with a prayer outside his house and told him to pay attention to his feelings as we prayed.  We asked him how he felt after the prayer and he admitted that he could feel something.  We´re planning on visiting his whole family this coming week.

The last person we taught was by far the coolest.  We were on our way to a less active family and a man caught our eye who was sitting on the curb.  We went and talked to him, and all we could do was introduce ourselves as missionaries when all of a sudden he started asking us if we had a church, and where it was, and what time it started.  Turns out that he had travelled from out of town, to Ramallo, for the sole purpose of finding a church.  He took our appearance as some kind of sign.  We taught him some of our beliefs and ideas and he eagerly promised to go to church the week he didn´t have to work on sunday.  We´ll definitely be keeping our eye out for him and hopefully we can pass him on to the missionaries in his area quickly!  

To say the least it´s been an awesome week!  And to top it all of, Elder Topham and I received our Christmas Packages!!  What better way to top off the week?  

Well I hope all is well with all of you!  Things are going great over here in Ramallo and we should be having another wedding/ baptism this week!  

Les extraño 
Con amor
Elder Jensen

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