Tuesday, December 10, 2013



How´s it going family?  Things are going well down here in Argentina!  The heat decided to cool down a little which was nice.  And it sounds like Thanksgiving is right around the corner  for all of you.  It sounds like Evie is going crazy with Catching Fire being out now, and Caleb got the MVP?  that´s awesome!  Nothing terribly exciting has happened this past week.  The mission office still hasn´t sent us the money to pay for our new apartment, so we end up spending close to 3 hours a day just driving to and from our proselyting area.  We do have another marriage and a baptism coming up soon which will be exciting though!  And for a special zone activity we´re watching Planes so that should be cool!  I finished my entire triple in spanish this past week as well!  And I´ve already started the Old Testament so we´ll see what exciting things I´ll learn from that.  I love you all!  I hope things are going great for all of you and hope things continue to go well if they are! Happy Thanksgiving

Love, Elder Jensen

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