Tuesday, December 10, 2013

November 18th
                                          Holy Heat

Well it sounds like the snow finally started falling back home.  As for me, Wednesday it was 98 degrees Farenheit and humid.  And according to the branch president, it´ll hit around 112 by January!  Haha exciting stuff coming up!  This week it seems like our patience was being tested a bit.  We did a lot of contacting this week with little to no success, until the end of the week.  We found a father and his two boys who we contacted and accepted a Book of Mormon.  A few days later we decided we should drop by them again and see if we couldn´t get into the house.  Only one of the sons was home but he invited us in and we were able to start up a conversation.  He started off by saying the same thing as a lot of people here say, that he respects all religions, and we all have the same God etc.  We got talking to him a little more about what we believe, and he began to take an interest in what we were talking about and started asking us some questions.  He wanted to know why we thought there were so many churches on the earth, and why not just one church.  He wanted to know if we believed in a life after death, and what we knew about that. And many other questions that had been troubling him, that his own church couldn´t seem to answer.  Needless to say, we were jumping from one pamphlet to another, giving him a good overview of our beliefs and briefly answering his questions.  We´ll be heading back to his place in the following day, and hopefully things just take off!  Another cool thing, is I finished the Book of Mormon in spanish last night!  And I can see a huge difference in my language skills after finishing the book!  I´ve jumped into the spanish Doctrine and Covenants hoping that both my language skills will increase even more and my understanding of the Gospel will continue to increase!  Every day continues to be an adventure here, from teaching outside with bats flying over our heads, to accidentally flooding our apartment!  I love it!  I´m growing everyday with each new experience, and I continue to see the hand of the Lord more and more in every aspect of my life.  I hope things are going well for all of you!  I love getting all of your letters and I apologize for not writing everybody back individually!  This truly is the work of the Lord
Elder Jensen

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