Sunday, October 13, 2013

Month 2

September 3rd 2013

Well, believe it or not, the second month of my mission is already done!!  That's crazy!  This week has been all over the place, from awesome to strange to tiring and everything!  As I mentioned in my letter home, we ate a Spanish family's house whose names were the Guaderrama's.  They apparently love the missionaries, they just don't want us to teach them anything...  But while we were there they sat us down and started giving us some food.  One of which was the corn on the cob smothered in mayo and we were told to put chili powder and graded cheese on it as well...  It almost grew on me towards the end of eating it, but I think I'll stick with butter and salt!  Elder Trujillo said that all of the hispanics in the Ogden Mission eat it though, so I'll have more opportunities to let it grow on me.  Also, while we were on our way to an appointment we were stopped by a lady and she asked which one of us were going to Argentina.  I told her I was and she got really excited and told us to stop by her house sometime.  We managed to stop by yesterday, and I found out that she has an uncle in Santa Fe, which is in my mission, who is apparently interested in the church, but for whatever reason hasn't had missionaries stop by his house yet.  She's giving me the address and phone number for him today, to go find him later in Argentina, or to pass the referral along once I got there.  I've already received two referrals for my mission in Argentina and I don't even know when I'll leave!  Also, apparently this week there is an Elder coming home from Rosario and Elder Trujillo and I are supposed to have dinner at this family's house the day after he gets back!  So hopefully I'll learn even more about my mission!  We do have bikes, and we also live at the top of the mountain... It's pretty easy to get out of the house and down to an appointment, not so easy to get back up though....  We also have a baptismal date set with an 11 year old who comes from a part member family.  We taught him the Restoration last Thursday, and because Elder Trujillo still isn't as comfortable with English as he'd like to be, I took a good portion of that lesson.  It went really well though and he understood everything we taught him.  We have another appointment with him this Thursday so we'll see how that goes!  It's great to hear that things are going well at home!  It sounds like Caleb is doing great in football, and I hope that ankle gets better soon!  Evie, it sounds like your enjoying your junior year so far, and that's awesome!  It's a busy year but as long as you try to have fun, it's not too bad!  Grandma sent me an email saying that Hannah Nelson dropped by their house!  That's awesome!  And a small world!  She was a grade above me in school but I know who she is!  Using Facebook for missionary work is absolutely amazing as well!  We use it for an hour a day, and I already have 5 people that I'm working with that I found myself.  Well, I hope that everything continues to go well at home!  I love you all and miss you, and I'm having a great time out in the field!

Elder Jensen

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