Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Up's and Down's

September 24th 2013

Sep 24
Well this week has been all over the place.  We've had a few less active members that we've been teaching and we were happy to see a good portion of them at church that next week.  (Probably helped that their kids were in the primary program.)  Haha, but either way we were glad to see them their.  It's been somewhat of a tough week though.  Elder Delong and Elder Morales were dropped by the Estrada family, which was terrible because the 17 year old son was making great progress, but the dad just doesn't want them being taught anymore.  And Sister Webber said she needed a little break from all of the religious stuff but thanked us for helping her regain her faith in God and with helping her get into the habit of praying daily.  That was tough, just because we've seen her progress so much!  She's gone from not believing in God at all to turning to Him daily in prayer!  But, I guess that's just part of the mission, and she has grown closer to the Savior through our lessons so I still count that as success in itself.  I also was asked to speak in sacrament meeting last week, so I gave a 15 minute talk on the Atonement to the 7th ward on Sunday.  If I have time I'll try to type that up and send it to all of you.  I got the package a few days ago!  And I love the tie and the pin, and I haven't had a real candy bar since the MTC so all of those snacks were much appreciated!  I'm excited to hear about Kirsten's baby!  You'll have to tell her congratulations for me!  And it's funny to think that MorMor and Grandpa became Great Grandparents on their 50th anniversary!  Tell them late Happy Anniversary from me as well!  So, awesome news!  Elder Trujillo and I were able to get Conference Tickets for the Saturday Afternoon session, and with luck we'll be taking Sean with us to watch it!  So we're pretty excited about that.  And I'll find out next week whether I stay in Smithfield or get transferred to a new area.  It sounds like things are going well at home, and it sounds like Caleb is off the walls from the Ute's win this last week!  It also sounds like a lot of exciting things are coming this week for homecoming too!  Hope you have a fun time with that!  Skyview just had their homecoming week, and it made me remember how much fun and exciting all of that stuff was!  And it's crazy that Ryan's getting ready to pack out of here!!!  Poor Jordan won't know what to do with himself after that.  I love hearing from all of you!  And I'm glad to hear that things are going well for all of you!  I love you all and miss you, but I'll be home before you know it!  I've almost been out 3 months already!!!  That's crazy!  Love you all,
Elder Jensen  

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