Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 4 in Smithfield

September 17th 2013

This week has been all over the place!  Elder Trujillo pulled something in his calf a week ago and then had a flat tire so we had been on foot for quite some time.  Luckily his leg and the tire are good now and we're finally back on our bikes!  Wednesday the district leader went on exchanges with us and I was kept in Smithfield with Elder Hennessee while Elder Trujillo went into Logan with Elder Knittle.  So I was pretty much the one in charge since Elder Hennessee was unfamiliar with the area!  I was a little nervous to take charge of everything but it went fantastically.  I managed to get us four returning appointments from families that we'd been trying to contact for weeks now, and Elder Hennessee and I had an amazing lesson with a woman by the name of Christina Webber.  Christina lives in an assisted living home up here in Smithfield and was involved in a serious accident that left her in a coma for 3 whole years.  She can't walk very much at all and is originally from Argentina.  She was a member of the church at one time, but doesn't agree with some of the doctrines, so a lot of the time our lessons with her are simply answering her questions and clearing up a little bit of confusion.  While I was there with Elder Hennessee though, we had quite a touching experience!  She'd been going through a little bit of a rough time, and for whatever reason we decided to talk a lot about prayer and the importance of prayer.  After we taught her I promised her that Heavenly Father loves her very much and knows what she's going through and then promised her that if she were to pray right then to know if God loved her, that she would feel of that love.  She agreed and gave a very simple but sincere prayer, asking to know if God did love her.  She ended and we looked at her to see a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.  I asked her how she felt and she said that she felt a peace inside that she hadn't felt in quite awhile.  She's told just about everybody at the assisted living home about that experience and continues to bring it up with us when we visit her! haha.  We've had similar experiences with her since that day in asking her to pray for forgiveness or reading 3rd Nephi 11 to her. She's quite the character and we love going over to visit her.  Elder Trujillo and I think it's time to extend the baptismal commitment to her so hopefully things go well in the next few days.  Our other investigator that we're excited about is Sean Orem.  He's made tremendous progress in our lessons and we're planning on committing him this coming week as well!  So hopefully we have some exciting things coming up!  It sounds like everything's going alright at home!  I'm glad to hear that the dog is doing better now!  And Evie's getting ready for Homecoming?!?  That's really weird!  My baby sister can't be going on dates!  I heard a funny story from Melissa Anding about Caleb in the grocery store.  She said she was walking around and all of a sudden she heard "Hey Anding!" and turned around and saw Caleb in his officer jacket!  Haha I love hearing stories about Caleb!  But I wonder why in the world he doesn't email me!??  And I'm not surprised that Bountiful beat Clearfield haha, it's sad that they killed them on their homecoming!  But everyone here goes to Skyview, so whenever anybody hears that I'm from Bountiful, they immediately ask if I was at the basketball game where we lost to them with the buzzer beater half court shot!  And of course all anyone ever talks about is Utah State football so whether I want to or not, I keep up to date on their wins or losses!  I love hearing from all of you and hope things continue to go well at home.  I love you all and miss you.

                                         The only thing that stands between us and the front door

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