Sunday, October 13, 2013

Third Transfer

October 1st 2013

Well believe it or not I'm already starting my third transfer!  We met this morning as a zone to discuss who would be going where and who would be staying.  I'm staying in Smithfield with Elder Trujillo luckily!  I'd hate to have had to leave the area after the work that we've done!  It's been quite a week, involving a lot of service.  Last Saturday we ended up helping someone remove all the shingles from the roof, which took a good 4 hours!  And after that a member asked us to help him pick some apples from and elderly couples apple tree.  We ended up sending Elder Morales and Elder Delong up the tree to pick the apples, and Elder Trujillo and I were playing catch the apples.  I felt like was back out in left field again with how high they were throwing the apples.  After awhile though it became dodge the apples when all of a sudden there were 4 or 5 apples in the air at any given time.  Yesterday all of the trainers had to go down to Ogden for a special meeting which left Elder Delong, Elder White, and me to cover our areas for the day!  3 greenies together for a whole day!  Of course it was interesting! haha...  We ended up talking to quite a few hispanics and every time we'd find some one Elder Delong would tell them we needed service!  The only problem was, he was using the word Serveza instead of Servicio.  Which actually means beer...  Somebody finally corrected him on it, but now I'm wondering how many people think that the missionaries need beer in the area!  Hahaha....  This past week Elder Trujillo and I finally were able to meet with a lady with the name of Sister Barham.  She was a referral that we received from a less active family that we were teaching.  She and her husband are Episcopalian and at first didn't seem to interested in listening to us but was fine with sitting down chatting for a second.  We talked to her about the Book of Mormon quite a bit and then talked to her of prayer and the spirit.  I felt once again impressed to invite her to ask if her Heavenly Father did indeed know her and did care about her and promised her that she would feel the spirit that we had talked about.  She was hesitant at first, but she agreed to if she could pray silently.  We all closed our eyes and said our own silent prayers, myself pleading and hoping that she would feel and recognize the spirit.  Elder Trujillo and I finished our own personal prayers and waited for what seemed to be quite some time for her to finish her own.  She finally raised her head and opened her eyes, and tears began to stream down her cheeks.  She'd been touched so much that she was unable to speak for some time.  I couldn't help but tear up myself as I testified of God's love for her and that what she was feeling was the Holy Ghost.  She'd admitted that she always knew that God loved her, but had never asked Him personally.  We talked a little more about the Book of Mormon and gave her some chapters to read and have a returning appointment for tomorrow, hopefully things go well from here on out!  It stinks to hear that Bountiful lost to WX again!  Although I must admit, it takes a little bit of the shame off from last years loss!  Haha...  And I'm glad to hear that homecoming went for Evie!  It's also good to finally hear from Caleb!  And I hope your game went well against Stansbury!  I received a letter from Church Headquarters saying that they are in constant contact with the Argentina Consulate and are constantly receiving updates about my visa, so with luck it'll be here soon!  It also sounds like Ryan's farewell went well, and I'm excited for him to enter the MTC.  Last week I ended up having to buy a blanket cuz it was getting too cold at night time and I also ended up getting some music to add some more variety to my iPod.  I bought two cd's, Lead Thou Me On by Vocal Point, and a Piano Guys CD, which I'm pretty happy with.  I think the Vocal Point CD is my favorite and my favorite songs are probably Danny Boy, Come Thou Fount, and Savior Redeemer of my Soul, from that CD.  We also received iPad mini's in the mission and we're the third mission to get those, so that's pretty exciting!  Especially because I now have every General Conference talk since 1971 at my fingertips so I have a lot more study material to use.  I love you all and hope everything continues to go well for all of you.  It's crazy to think that I'm already going in to my 4th month of my mission!  I'll be home before you know it!!  I love you all!

Elder Jensen

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