Sunday, October 13, 2013

Two Weeks Left!!!!!!!!

October 8th 2013

Surprise!!!!  Guess who's going to see the consulate IN Argentina?!?!?  I am!!!!  I'm leaving Oct. 22nd and I should be able to call you all during my lay over!  I haven't gotten my flight plans yet though, I'll probably get those this week!  I'm so excited!  But I'm gonna miss everyone that I've made friends with here in Smithfield!  And by the way, I've known about my visa since last Thursday so it's been kind of killer not to sneak on to Facebook and send a quick message to Evie about it!  But I stayed strong haha!  As for General Conference!  Elder Trujillo and I were able to go to all 3 sessions on Saturday!  So it was an entire day in Salt Lake City, and it was a miracle that I didn't see anybody I knew!!  Conference was awesome!  My favorite talks were probably President Uchtdorf's during Priesthood or Holland's!  I really enjoyed Bednar's as well!!!  I guess it's just too difficult to pick a favorite!  And being at the conference center to see all three of those talks in person was incredible!!  If possible you should all try and go down next year to see it live!  It was definitely an experience that I'll never forget!  Other than the visa and Conference it's been somewhat of a slow week though!  One of our best investigators just moved down to Henderson for the winter and the one that we were going to drop a baptismal date on couldn't meet with us this week!  So a lot of this week was spent in service or teaching less active families.  My Spanish continues to get better and although I may not be able to speak fluently I can understand quite a bit of what I hear!  Which is good because I'm off to an all-spanish country soon haha.  It's funny that Brigham said he saw me in Priesthood, I was there, you'll have to take a look and see if you can find me!  And I've heard a lot about this government shut down thing!  Bummer that all the parks are closed down for now!  But you'll still have a fun time down in Park City!  And Caleb's getting acne!!  Congratulations!!!  You've officially begun the worst part of being a young adult! hahaha!  As for a typical P-Day....  We usually wake up do our normal morning routine and then head out for the Family History Center in Logan to do e-mails...  Afterwards we go somewhere to eat lunch, and then usually there's some sort of sporting activity going on that we go to (Soccer and volleyball seem to be the most popular) afterwards we run to Walmart to go shopping, and then typically back to the house to unload our groceries, write letters if we have time, and eat dinner.  Pretty exciting day! haha...  And as for the work here....  Door to door contacting is non-existent, we've tried....  It doesn't get us anywhere.  Everything we do comes from ward council meetings and referrals we receive from members!  Our stake president is on fire about missionary work so he's constantly making sure that we're taken care of and have enough appointments for the week.  Last week we taught a total of 9 lessons to people including one on skype to someone Elder Trujillo knows.  I'm glad that it sounds like things are going well for everyone at home!  It sounds like Evie's enjoying High School with all of the dances coming up, and I'm sure that Caleb is having fun at Jr. High....   I've loved serving in Smithfield and I can't wait to get back home and take you to meet some of the families and investigators that I've become close with.   And I can't wait to get out to Argentina and get to know the people down there!  I love you all and I love hearing from all of you! 

Your son/brother Elder Jacob Jensen
                                          Don't know why Smithfield needs this type of artillery
                                               From our apple picking adventures
            Our last district, notice Elder Trujillo trying to steal some brownies                
                                          Sometimes I feel like this tombstone

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